Burning In Water (Limited Edition White Vinyl) (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (Ltd Ed White)

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Burning in Water is an overlooked post-punk masterpiece, a holy grail of 1980s Boston rock that is one of the missing links between Mission of Burma and the Neats and later bands like Lemonheads and Buffalo Tom. Any mid-'80s underground rock & roll band in Massachusetts would have been affected by its release. While Moving Targets became known beyond the border - particularly in Europe - they possessed a decidedly Boston flavor. An unrelenting, urgent work, this explosive debut LP is chock-full of consistently excellent songwriting and impressive, aggressive musicianship. Burning in Water captures Moving Targets at their early peak -- like Boston's eager answer to Hüsker Dü.


1. The Other Side
2. Faith
3. Let Me Know Why
4. Shape Of Somethings
5. Less Than Gravity
6. Almost Certain/Drone
7. Urban Dub
8. Always Calling
9. Underground
10. MTV
11. Funtime
12. Coming Home