Lemon Law



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Mousey is re-presenting her debut album Lemon Law, following the success of new album My Friends.

“There are so many different aspects sonically to this album,” says Mousey. “There are light Kiwi barbecue pop jams and also heart wrecking empty raw acoustic songs, plus a few sonic experiences thrown in the mix.”

And it is this eclecticism, brought to life with a strong sense of melody and emotionally raw sincerity, which gives Mousey her own unique and quirky style. 


01. The Dolphin Song
02. With No You
03. Darling
04. Hopeless in Love
05. Extreme Highs
06. Caveman
07. Dreamer
08. Take Me to Harley Street
09. Painting of a Trench
10. The Innocent Girl in the Blue Dress
11. If You Really Loved Me
12. A Lifelong Pursuit

Sarena Close: Vocals // Guitar // Piano // Keyboards // Backing Vocals

Ben Eldridge: Guitar // Bass (Track 10)
Ryan Fisherman: Bass // Guitar (Track 10)
Joe McCallum: Drums // Percussion
Chris Close: Drums (Track 5) // Percussion (Track 11) // Backing Vocals
Clare Manson: Backing Vocals
Sophie Deed: Backing Vocals
Cameron Finlay: Backing Vocals

All songs written by Sarena Close
Produced by Sarena Close & Ryan Fisherman
Recorded at The Hut with additional tracking at The Sitting Room
Engineered by Elmore Jones & Ryan Fisherman
Mastered by Chris Chetland at KOG
Additional love and help from Ben Edwards