The Sunset Violent (Vinyl LP, Orange)

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Vinyl LP (Orange)



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Sometimes, in order to reignite our passion to create, we need to relocate, and that is precisely what Mount Kimbie's Dominic Maker and Kai Campos did, leaving London to record in California's Yucca Valley. The results, completed back in London with Dillip Harris and Mount Kimbie members Andrea Balency-Béarn and Marc Pell, can be heard on the band's first album since 2017, The Sunset Violent, described by their home label Warp as "simultaneously their most daring and their most giddily infectious" record yet. - Flying Out

The Sunset Violent began in a disused frat house in the American Yucca Valley. Kimbie’s founding members Dominic Maker and Kai Campos began work on their first proper album together since 2017’s Love What Survives – the decision was made to leave London. Campos and Maker relocated for a month to a town in the middle of a desert. The resulting album, finished in London with longtime confidante Dillip Harris and their band mates Andrea Balency-Béarn and Marc Pell, is 37 minutes of Mount Kimbie at simultaneously their most daring and their most giddily infectious.

  1. The Trail
  2. Dumb Guitar 
  3. Shipwreck
  4. Boxing (Feat. King Krule)
  5. Got Me
  6. A Figure in the Surf
  7. Fishbrain 
  8. Yukka Tree
  9. Empty and Silent (Feat. King Krule)

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