Time Slips Away

Dancers can always be sure of one thing with Chen Moscovici–a.k.a Moscoman–a certain unpredictability and energy will always define the music he serves up. As well as having a background in indie and rock, he plays house, acid, techno, dark disco, synth, all from a more alternative angle. For that reason, he is a regular at wide-ranging but iconic places like Space in Miami, Berghain’s Panorama Bar, Glastonbury and Pacha Ibiza. Moscoman now releases his long awaited second LP Time Slips Away on Moshi Moshi.

In the studio Moscoman has always switched up from one release to the next: raw and rugged machine disco, melodic techno and wonky house on past record labels Because, Life And Death, Greco-Roman/City Slang and his own label Disco Halal. Time Slips Away shows Moscoman stay true to his roots, while exploring new sonic textures with more direct themes. 

Track List:

1.Time Slips Away
2.What Do We Care feat. Tom Sanders (Teleman)
3.Wish I Was In Tokyo
4.Eyes Wide Strut feat. Wooze
5.Maker Breaker Faker Taker
6.Myths Still Exist feat. Niki Kini
7.Sense Of Time
8.Turning Tides feat. Vanity Fairy
9.Back And Again 
10.Natural Born Losers feat. Wooze
11.Violent Candy
12.Golden Hours feat. Nuphar
RIYL: Tom Teleman, Vanity Fairy, Wooze, Niki Kini and Nuphar.