Everyone Is A Ghost


"Latest downer-pop showcase from London-based duo of CHRISTIAN SAVILL (SLOWDIVE) & SEAN HEWSON. 2010 marks the pair's 20th anniversary of working together & 10th anniversary of recording & performing as MONSTER MOVIE. This release distils the expansive shoegazing bliss-wall of SLOWDIVE into intensely catchy pop songs played out on guitar, bass, piano, ukelele, percussion, & a range of synthesizers." Amazon


1 The World Collapsed
2 Down, Down, Down
3 How The Dead Live
4 Bored Beyond Oblivion
5 All The Hurt Inside
6 Everyone Is A Ghost
7 In The Morning
8 Silver Knife
9 Look And See
10 Fall
11 Help Me Make It Right
12 A Place In The Mountains