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Since its original release in 2002, One Step More and You Die has become the monolithic cornerstone of MONO's discography. Every subsequent release has been inevitably (and perhaps unfairly) compared to this album, as if it were the band's high watermark, never to be dethroned. MONO brilliantly answered even the most stubborn of naysayers with this year's transcendent You Are There. To celebrate that release, we dug into their back catalog and pulled out this masterpiece of dark dirge, repackaged with additional artwork. One Step More stared the sophomore slump threat square in the face and pummelled it from note one. Four years later we can confidently say that it sounds just as brutal and beautiful as it did the day it was laid to tape.


One Step More and You Die

1. Where Am I 
2. Com(?) 
3. Sabbath
4. Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper
5. A Speeding Car
6. Loco Tracks
7. Halo
8. Giant Me On The Other Side

New York Soundtracks

1. Loren Connors - Giant Me On The Other Side (Loren Mazzacane Connors Remix)
2. Calla - Where Am I (Shout Man Remix by Calla)
3. Marina Rosenfeld - Sabbath (Unholy Sabbath Remix by Marina Rosenfeld)
4. DJ Olive - Halo (One Note Dub Remix by DJ Olive the Audio Janitor)
5. Raz Mesinai - Com(?) (Earth Remix by Raz Mesinai)
6. Aki Onda - Loco Tracks (Cassette Remix by Aki Onda)
7. Jackie-O Motherfucker - Late City Final (Jackie-O Motherfucker Remix)