The Mutiny

In divided times, the power of music is undeniable. When that music is ferociously original and defiantly uplifting, the impact is even greater.  Formed in Paris, December 2014, by Dublin-born singer/guitarist Gary Kelly and Parisian guitarist Steven Andre, MOLYBARON have swiftly become one of the most talked-about bands in the modern metal scene.

With a sound that encompasses everything from state-of-the-art tech-grooves and anthemic metal to multi-layered atmospherics and giant, muscular hard rock riffs beyond, the band’s eccentric flair always sets them apart from the rest. From the infectious aggression and giant hooks of opener “Animals”, to the thunderous denouement of crushing closer “Ordinary Madness”, The Mutiny once again affirms MOLYBARON’s idiosyncratic identity and irresistible charms. As Metal Hammer UK put it: “Diverse and satisfying, The Mutiny is a banger!” 

Kelly’s songwriting has hit new heights of ingenuity, and the ensemble performances of comrades Steven Andre (guitar), Sebastien de Saint-Angel (bass) and Camille Greneron (drums) are never less than precise, potent and bursting with personality.


1. Animals
2. Lucifer
3. Amongst The Boys And The Dead Flowers
4. Prosperity Gospel
5. The Lighthouse
6. Slave To The Algorithm
7. Something For The Pain
8. The Hand That Feeds You
9. Twenty Four Hours
10. Ordinary Madness