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Molly Drake - Flying Out


Molly Drake

Squirrel Thing

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Squirrel Thing Recordings is proud to announce the release of Molly Drake—a self-titled collection of never-before-heard songs recorded in the 1950s at the Drake family home, and lovingly restored by Nick Drakes engineer John Wood. According to Joe Boyd, legendary producer of Five Leaves Left and Bryter Later, this is the missing link in the Nick Drake story.

In the privacy of her home, Molly Drake wrote music and poetry, and played her songs for family and friends. With the help of her husband, Rodney, she recorded them to tape and direct-to-disk recorders. But they were never published in her own lifetime.

For fans of Nick Drake, Molly Drake reveals an undeniable influence on her sons celebrated canon. But moreover, these songs present a comprehensive first look at a singular and sophisticated artist in her own right. Molly Drakes music is at once beautiful, charming, dark and pensive. The easy elegance of her lyrics belies their deeper themes of regret, memory, dread, and the sublime, crystallized as only a poet can. Her performances are intimately staged in the family sitting room, and perfectly complemented by her own piano accompaniment.

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