One Year

Vinyl LP


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Otherworldly beat science from the currently vibrant Washington DC underground.

The heavily processed MCing of NAPPYNAPPA weaves in and out of the skewed electronics and stuttering percussion of Patrick Cain. Loosely affiliated with the Future Times crew and featuring contributions from Dolo Percussion aka Max D.

Model Home, the duo of MC NAPPYNAPPA and Patrick Cain, uploaded no fewer than fourteen mixtapes to their Bandcamp page between June 2018 and January 2020. One Year rewards Model Home for their hard work, collecting eleven tracks from the first eight of those tapes on one LP.

One Year is a smoky, mysterious record, full of murky sounds and ghostly details. Its idiosyncrasy is fascinating, pulling you further in with each half-heard melody and muffled sample.

In the duo’s own words “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“.

Model Home uphold their hometown’s DIY spirit with One Year, a compilation of their grainy and ultra leftfield hip hop experiments.

Track List:

  1. no threshold ft. dolo percussion
  2. push thru ft. boost, marty heem cherry, dolo percussion
  3. grip
  4. damn disco 99 ft. discipline 99
  5. faultfinder
  6. baya style
  7. livin' in a treehouse
  8. loud pause
  9. thousand miles
  10. cheek to the matrix ft. jelani
  11. one year no barcode ft. greenss