Puberty 2 (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP



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STAFF PICK: "I'm revisiting Mitski's archive since the release of The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We and I'm just as in awe as I was listening to her msuic for the first time. Puberty 2 is truly incredible, blurring emo, punk, indie rock and the angst we could only equate to a second puberty. Distorted guitar and a quest for happiness, this 2016 album has stood the test of time." - Lucia 

Ask Mitski Miyawaki about happiness and she'll warn you: “Happiness fucks you.” It's a lesson that's been writ large into the New Yorker's gritty, outsider-indie for years, but never so powerfully as on her newest album, Puberty 2. “Happiness is up, sadness is down, but one's almost more destructive than the other,” she says. “When you realise you can't have one without the other, it's possible to spend periods of happiness just waiting for that other wave.” On Puberty 2, that tension is palpable: a both beautiful and brutal romantic hinterland, in which one of America’s new voices hits a brave new stride.


1. Happy
2. Dan the Dancer
3. Once More to See You
4. Fireworks
5. Your Best American Girl
6. I Bet on Losing Dogs
7. My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars
8. Thursday Girl
9. A Loving Feeling
10. Crack Baby
11. A Burning Hill