Autopilot Life

Miles Calder

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Singer/songwriter Miles Calder delivers cutting lyrics with an expressive voice. A few years since the last outings with former backing band The Rumours, Miles has emerged with a revived sound, fresh songs and a new band. His new self-reflective songs move from understated folk-rock to swirling psychedelia, evoking early 70s Lennon as much as contemporaries like Kevin Morby or Father John Misty. 

Autopilot Life is his first collection in the four years since releasing his self-titled record with The Rumours and subsequent overseas ventures. Single 'Bad For Me' is a tell-tale sign that we're going to really like Autopilot Life, as it's in that sweet-spot between classic guitar-pop and sad boy country music, like Kurt Vile if he swapped out the fingerpicking for a few more hearty strums. 


  1. Lost in a Dream
  2. Take Me Back To How It Was
  3. Autopilot Life
  4. Hold a Grudge
  5. Bad For Me
  6. Greener Grass
  7. Isn't That Better
  8. Lake Geneva
  9. Chelsea
  10. What We're In