Tubular Bells

Vinyl LP (Grey Vinyl)

***Available on Limited Edition Grey Vinyl***

2009 remaster of classic 1973 debut album on HQ 180-gram vinyl with download code. Features Viv Stanshall as MC.

Tubular Bells is the debut record album of English musician Mike Oldfield, recorded when he was 19 and released in 1973 when he was 20.

It was the first album released by Virgin Records and an early cornerstone of the company's success. Vivian Stanshall provided the voice of the "Master of Ceremonies" who reads off the list of instruments at the end of the first movement. The opening piano solo was used briefly in the soundtrack to the William Friedkin film The Exorcist (released the same year), and the album gained considerable airplay because of the film's success.

The following year the piece was orchestrated by David Bedford for The Orchestral Tubular Bells version. It had three sequels in the 1990s, Tubular Bells II (1992), Tubular Bells III (1998) and The Millennium Bell (1999). Finally, the album was re-recorded as Tubular Bells 2003 at its 30th anniversary in 2003. A newly mixed and mastered re-issue of the original album appeared in 2009 on Mercury Records, with bonus material.


  1. Tubular Bells (Part I)
  2. Tubular Bells (Part II) 
  3. Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme from Tubular Bells) 
  4. Sailor's Hornpipe (Viv Stanshall version)