Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records (Reissue)

Merge Records

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Most listeners were introduced to Mike Krol in 2015 with the release of his Merge debut, Turkey. Few knew at the time that Turkey was actually Chapter 3 of the Krol saga, and that he had self-released two records years earlier. To the delight of his new legion of fans, Merge reissued those early albums as the 2017 collection Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records. With that release, I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund found new life, and the inclusion of digital-only rarities led to fresh demand for a complete release of Mike Krol Is Never Dead on CD, out January 29, 2021.The 3-CD edition of Mike Krol Is Never Dead includes the first two albums housed in miniature-sized reproductions of the original album tri-fold wallets, and an additional disc filled with an illuminating selection of outtakes, demos, and B-sides from that era.

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Like a Star
  3. Fifteen Minutes 
  4. Heart Attack 
  5. Seventeen (Age) 
  6. Grade School Love 
  7. Red Minivan 
  8. A Million Times 
  9. Plague
  10. Cease and Desist 
  11. Modern Furniture 
  12. Locker 
  13. Teeth Grinder 
  14. Straaange 
  15. California 
  16. Fourth of July 
  17. Keith Moon 
  18. Drum Test 
  19. Kelly 
  20. Stacey 
  21. Snow Day
  22. Natural Disaster (Demo) 
  23. Like a Star (Demo) 
  24. Fifteen Minutes (Demo) 
  25. Heart Attack (Demo)
  26. Grade School Love (Demo) 
  27. A Million Times (Demo) 
  28. Fifteen Minutes Instrumental Reprise
  29. My Country Tis of Thee 
  30. The Tempo 
  31. Plague (Demo) 
  32. Modern Furniture (Demo)
  33. Locker (Demo) 
  34. Teeth Grinder (Demo)
  35. Straaange (Demo) 
  36. I Got You (Chelsea)