Beware of the Monkey (Vinyl LP)

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Beware of the Monkey, the seventh album from Bronx-via-London rapper MIKE, takes its title from a horoscope the rapper read in a Chinese restaurant. A warning for those born in the Year of the Tiger, the title’s message resonates between 1998 and 2022. These astrological meanings are nothing new to MIKE. Since his 2017 release, May God Bless Your Hustle, he’s scheduled his albums — which he’s released on his own label, 10K — to drop on the winter or summer solstices. The gap between Beware of the Monkey and June 2021’s Disco! is actually the first time in 5 years that both solstices passed without him dropping a project.

MIKE’s deft, reflective style is always reaching across time. Whether crate-diving for stirring samples as his producer alter-ego, DJ Blackpower, or meditating on his childhood in his raps, the echoes of the past give his music the sort of timelessness seen in the discographies of icons like J Dilla and MF DOOM. In his earlier releases, these forays into days gone by were rooted in grief, mourning the loss of his mother on 2019’s tears of joy and its follow-up, 2020’s Weight of the World. But even as he lived in his grief, his artistic voice continued to develop into one of the foremost acts of a burgeoning rap underground.


1. Nuthin I can do is Wrng 
2. As 4 Me 
3. Eczema
4. Light (if u can’t see) w/ Jadasea
5. No Curse Lifted (rivers of love) 
6. What do I do? 
7. Ipari Park w/ Klein 
8. Swoosh 23 
9. Tapestry 
10. Stop Worry! w/ Sister Nancy 
12. Concrète w/ King Carter
13. Closing Credits (Come-up/#Fr) 

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