Que Ta Tête Fleurisse Toujours (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

British singer-songwriter Mika's first album in four years since the 2019 album My Name Is Michael Holbrook.

Mika describes the album as “very pop, very melodic, extremely joyful, very intimate. It's not an intimacy that's morose or melancholy at all. It's wide, it's free.”

The album comprises 12-track, entirely written and performed in French. Produced by Martin Lefebvre and Tristan Salvati.


1. Bougez
2. Jane Birkin
3. Sweetie banana
4. Apocalypse calypso
5. 30 secondes
6. C’est la vie
7. Moi, Andy et Paris
8. Je sais que je t’aime
9. Doucement
10. Touche Touche
11. Amour pirate
12. Passager