inside a quiet mind (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP



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In his Sunday Star Times review, veteran music critic (and fellow record store owner!) Grant Smithies called inside a quiet mind "The best electronic album ever made in this country". You'd be hard pressed to imagine higher praise than that, and it's just been announced that this 1998 classic from micronism is getting a 2LP remaster and reissue to coincide with its unveiling as the Taite Award classic album for 2023!

Originally out on the trailblazing Kog Transmissions label, this well-loved collection of homegrown techo, glitch, and deep house from micronism, aka Denver McCarthy, proves that Aotearoa has always been able to hold its own when it comes to amazing producers!  Stepping through deep house, glitch and techno, and originally made across bedrooms in Auckland and Brisbane, inside a quiet mind isn’t a collection of songs, it is a complete album, and one which was created as such. Across 11 songs and over one hour, it is a journey across an electronic spectrum, and one which is best enjoyed in full.


  1. constructing space
  2. first reflections
  3. rainbow city
  4. eventide
  5. twinkle twinkle little stars
  6. an unfulfilled wish
  7. restless address 
  8. engaging causeless mercy
  9. dissolution 
  10. contemplating a quiet mind 
  11. steps to recovery