Dream Center

Vinyl 12" EP

Ex-Abe Vigoda guitarist Michael Vidal first released the Dream Center on a cassette back in 2013, but now he's re-releasing his solo album as a full-length LP via Couple Skate. While Abe Vigoda came into California cult stature with what they called "tropical punk," Vidal's new album is a contemplative, synth-driven center for dreams. Literally. The artfully amensic album officially drops in full next week on June 9th.

Los Angeles based visual artist and CEO of Hesse Press Clare Kelly directed a beautiful video for the lead single, "Dreams (Come Back To Me)" and had this to say about Vidal: "He’s an incredibly sensitive and powerful artist, and to me, his strength lies in his vulnerability. I feel like he’s always looking for “the truth” through his work, in a very earnest way, that sometimes sets him apart from other people, or the current time. He’s kinda old school. A romantic." 

A1 Dreams (Come Back To Me)
A2 Correctional
A3 Burn
B1 Mono No Aware
B2 Appraisal
B3 Sky Blue
B4 (Your Song)