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Dream Center - Flying Out


Dream Center

Couple Skate

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Couple Skate Records are extremely excited to announce the signing of Los Angeles-based songwriter Michael Vidal. After years of blazing coasts and continents, DIY enclaves and contempo-art spaces alike as the singer / guitarist of LA punks Abe Vigoda, Michael Vidal has stepped out of the combustible, hyper-color tropical punk of his former group, and onto his own into more pastoral, lush territory. Dream Center is Vidal's inaugural work, originally released onto cassette in 2013 from LA label Big Joy, reissued onto all additional formats from Couple Skate Records.The music of Dream Center is a wonderful and diverse spectrum of looping, beautiful guitar pop (featured on "Dreams" and "Appraisal") that evokes the deeper emotional shades of the likes Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout, and crystalline instrumental pieces ("Mono No Aware") reminiscent of Durutti Column and the earlier days of Felt. All touchstones aside, the music of Vidal's Dream Center is an impressionist paean to love, loss, and existence, an exciting new beginning for a uniquely creative spirit.



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