Work Hard And Be Nice


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Michael Franti & Spearhead have been working in recording studios in Nashville, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with A-list writers and producers on their most diverse record yet, Work Hard And Be Nice.

The 17-song album started off as an idea: That it's important in this time of division in the world to Work Hard And Be Nice To People. "Before there was a song and an album by the title, I had a discussion with our band and crew that our mantra on tour was going to be 'work hard and be nice to people.' We then made a t-shirt, and it very quickly became our top-seller! It was so popular that I decided to write a song about the concept," Franti reveals. "Every song on the album is about the power of optimism to get us through our darkest moments and find the light in our loves, lives and for the planet."

"I collaborated with many different incredible songwriters and it was amazing to hear how all of them understood completely the idea of how important it is for people to have ease of heart in these troubled times."

No one could have imagined the world looking like it does today with citizens around the world in self-quarantine, however as we listen to the songs on Work Hard And Be Nice, they speak to how we get through the greatest ups and downs of our lives with our body, mind and soul still in one piece. "Today, we are being called to connect with the hearts of others to literally bring about the healing of the planet," Franti reflects. "There is no higher calling, and I hope this music helps people know that they are not alone in the effort. Each person's role makes a difference, and we will create billions of small victories that all add up... together!"


  1. I Got You
  2. Sun And Moon
  3. Good Shit Happens
  4. I Can Still Feel You
  5. Start Small Think Big
  6. How We Living
  7. Breaking Down The Door
  8. The Friends Song
  9. Lay It All Down
  10. P.S. I Love You
  11. Work Hard And Be Nice
  12. Is It Worth A Penny To You
  13. Walking Into The Sun
  14. All My Friends
  15. I’m On Your Side
  16. Daycation
  17. Watching The World Go By With You

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