I Lie To You

Vinyl LP

The new Micah P. Hinson album comes up from five days and five nights of recording in a room of naked to the bone in Irpinia, South Italy and from a very accurate diamond-polishing production by Alessandro "Asso" Stefana (PJ Harvey, Mike Patton, Vinicio Capossela...). As beautiful as an army with banners have also come to side with Micah and Asso the Raffaele Tiseo's celestial strings, the Zeno de Rossi metaphysic drumming and the double bass gentleman Greg Cohen.


  1. Ignore the Days
  2.  Carelessly
  3.  People
  4.  Find Your Way Out
  5.  Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas
  6.  What Does It Matter Now?
  7.  Walking on Eggshells
  8.  The Days of My Youth
  9.  Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
  10.  500 Miles