Tarantula Heart (Silver Streak Vinyl LP)

Silver Streak Vinyl LP

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They were there at the beginning, they'll be here long after it all ends, thus let it be known: Melvins have a new album on the way! Despite having clocked in at forty years in the game last year, Buzz Osborne and his merry Melvins are still keeping fans guessing, with Tarantula Heart being built differently to any of their dozens of previous releases. Opening with the mind-melting 19-minute Pain Equal Funny, the album features not one but two drummers battling it out, with Ray Mayorga (Ministry, Soulfly) on the second kit, and We Are The Asteroid guitarist Gary Chester rounding the band out to a hefty quintet. Is it set to be a standout moment in a glorious career? Yeah, seems like it! - Flying Out

Melvins' new album Tarantula Heart is like nothing the band has ever done before. Probably the best record they’ve ever recorded. Certainly one of their weirdest. The five song album centers around the mammoth 19-minute opening track Pain Equals Funny and the noise laden heavy hitter Working the Ditch.

In addition to the core three members, also appearing on the album are second drummer Roy Mayorga (Ministry, Soulfly, Stone Sour and Nausea) and We Are The Asteroid guitar player Gary Chester, who the Melvins recently toured with.


1. Pain Equals Funny
2. Working the Ditch
3. Shes Got Weird Arms
4. Allergic to Food
5. Smiler

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