Red Grey Blue

Cape Road Records

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Following the success of her debut record ‘Over My Shoulder’, Tui-award finalist Mel Parsons is on the cusp of the release of her brand new album, ‘Red Grey Blue’, followed by a series of tours and tales around the country in 2011.

Co-produced by Parsons and award winning producer Jeremy Toy (She’s So Rad, Opensouls, Hollie Smith) the record was made in Auckland, NZ over the summer and autumn of 2011, and features a host of musician friends from near and far. ‘Red Grey Blue’ runs the gamut from gentle and assured, to the depths of darkness and everything in between. Quiet ballads rub shoulders with fall-in-love pop gems and dark alt-country numbers.


1. I Won't Let You Down 
2. In My Heart 
3. I'll Go 
4. Bones
5. Damage
6. Saturday Night 
7. Springtime Sun
8. Things Will Get Good 
9. True Story 
10. We Will Find Love Again 
11. End of the Day