Life & Another

Paradise of Bachelors

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On Life, and Another, Mega Bog (the world-inhabiting moniker of song-animator Erin Birgy) tends a succulent garden full of plants that the unwitting passerby might mistakenly perceive as extraterrestrial, but which are in fact very much of this Earth. Departing from the humid Holodeck spider plant nursery of previous record Dolphine (2019), Mega Bog's new album brings us back to our home planet, into the rarefied air pressure of a dried-up desert valley where it's fourteen songs were written and scattered like stones in the landscape. But true to Birgy's alchemical writing practice, these bright stones simply refuse to blend into their arid environment, each one a precious gem chiseled by the anti-capitalist geologist's hammer to reveal the impossible, dazzling life that inheres under the dusty exteriors of both the northern Nevada of her youth and the rural New Mexico of the album's birth.



  1. Flower
  2.  Station to Station
  3.  Weight of the Earth, on Paper
  4.  Crumb Back
  5.  Butterfly
  6.  Life, and Another
  7.  Maybe You Died
  8.  Beagle in the Cloud
  9.  Darmok
  10. Adorable
  11. Bull of Heaven
  12. Obsidian Lizard
  13. Before a Black Tea
  14. Ameleon