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Another LP of new material by the recently reformed original lineup of Medicine so rather quickly, you may ask ? Yes indeed, pal. "Making records is where it's at," says Medicine, collectively.

During this past year Brad Laner, Elizabeth Thompson and Jim Goodall eschewed the 90's nostalgia touring circuit trod by their peers and instead dug deep to bring you Home Everywhere: A collection of new songs created with a gaze that is omni-directional. An answer to no other band, movement or genre (don't be lazy, you). An ambitious work that could be no one else but said three lifer music weirdies in full inspiration mode.

Last year's LP To The Happy Few, their first in 18 years, impressed and perhaps surprised many with its vital creativity and fiery performances. But Medicine was really just getting re-acquainted in public.

An opening volley of several hook laden three minute noise-pop gems begins to mutate with the introduction of Brazilian inspired sounds and rhythms. While that may sound incongruous, it is still quite Medicinal through and through. And that's just side one.

Side two begins with something even more unlikely: A light sprinkling of lovely piano and an invitation to relax. Of course it's only a temporary respite and within the same tune soon comes a beam of guitar as searing as any of the more extreme moments of the band's discography. Then comes a rather Can-like tune featuring the recorded debut of drummer Jim Goodall's trombone drone stylings before we reach the true heart of the platter: The LP's namesake, Home Everywhere. An eleven and a half minute multi-part album within-an-album which begins as a sprightly celebration of domestic bliss and ends with a comely invitation to leave the planet set to an extended cleansing cosmic fire of sonic madness. Because art (and lots of Finnish experimental music cassettes, truth be told).


  1. The Reclaimed Girls 
  2. Turning 
  3. Move Along
  4. Don't Be Slow
  5. Cold Life
  6. They Will Not Die 
  7. It's All About You 
  8. The People 
  9. Home Everywhere