Vinyl LP (Blue vinyl)
Mean is the combined project of Jeff Boyle (Jakob) and H.Walker (Kerretta)

Begun in 2006, Mean’s debut LP is a culmination of 5 years work with tracks being recorded in various places around the globe. Nervous vs triumphant, silent vs riot, Mean is dynamic and unsettling, shifting between contrasting styles within the space of a song. Moments of quiet ambience and modulating guitar give way to electrical pulses and spacious, rolling drum patterns over the course of the album’s almost soundtrack-like structure.

Captured over a period of five years, Knowing contains hints of Jakob’s mountainous crescendos and Kerretta’s muscular groove. But Mean is a denser and more slow-burning affair than its predecessors. Knowing introduces the patient listener to a musical realm where the focus is on taut restraint rather than release, and the mood can move from discomfort to melody in an instant.
  • Knives On 5:22

  • Father You're Burning 5:48

  • Run From the Rushes 9:27

  • Cirella 5:56

  • The Take 4:39

  • Resolute 5:41

  • Alvion Sleep 6:41