Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?

Vinyl LP (Recycled Colour)

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Limited edition recycled coloured vinyl 

“Blurring the lines between the personal and the political,” (FADER) McKinley Dixon calls the late Toni Morrison the greatest rapper of all time; and the way he tackles topics like survival, violence, and religion within the expansive landscape of the Black experience, evokes her novels. It is from the title of Morrison's Beloved trilogy where he finds the title of his new album with City Slang Records out June 2: Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?


1. Hanif Reads Toni (Feat. Hanif)
2. Sun, I Rise (Feat. Angélica Garcia)
3. Mezzanine Tippin' (Feat. Tellerbank ($, Alfred.)
4. Run, Run, Run
5. Live! From The Kitchen Table (Feat. (Ghais Guevara)
6. Tyler, Forever
7. Dedicated To Tar Feather (Feat.Anji (Mile)
8. The Story So Far (Interlude)
9. The Story So Far (Feat. Seline Haze)
10. Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (Feat. Ms Jaylin Brown)

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