Pieces Of Driftwood

Vinyl LP

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A collection of non-album singles, tracks recorded for compilations, and new material by the New Zealand singer-songwriter.

"Maxine Funke's music, immediate and entirely unpretentious, suggests a world in which Katherine Mansfield rubs shoulders with Liz Harris, or Vashti Bunyan." - Digital Regress 

"There are times when Maxine Funke’s songs feel so light, it seems as if a heavy sigh could blow them away. But hold that breath, and her curious, knotty guitar quickly takes hold. Bring them on a walk, and the songs take on a kaleidoscopic quality as the shifting improvisations of birds, neighbours, bugs, and traffic peek through her murmured melodies." - Pitchfork


1. Rearview (With Alastair Galbraith)
2. First in Spring
3. Eternity
4. Sandhopper
5. Nicest Thing
6. Make That Dream
7. Blyton Rock
8. Old Lady Blues
9. South Dunedin
10. Room in the City
11. Forest Photographer (With P. Wits)
12. Every Kind Word (With P. Wits)
13. Flourish (With P. Wits)
14. Angel (With P. Wits)
15. Oranges in the Oaks


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