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Former BADBADNOTGOOD band-boi Matthew Tavares is these days simply known as Matty, and when he's not writing songs for some of the biggest (Post Malone, Rosalía, Kendrick..) names in music, he's writing his own damn fine tunes. New album Pops finds Matty in an indie rock mood, delivering a batch of immediate and impossibly catchy anthems, all while maintaining the je ne sais quoi that makes him special. - Flying Out

Over the past 14 years, Matthew Tavares (aka Matty) has gone from being the founding member and keyboardist of the acclaimed jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD, to an in demand producer working with some of the biggest names in music, to a song-writer and artist in his own right, whose sensitive and raw output combined with an aversion to following the norms of the music industry has led to a dedicated cult fan base.

Born in Canada in 1990, Tavares grew up in the golden era of blogs, forums and eclectic musical communities that defined the late 2000s. This combination of the internet and an isolated suburban upbringing laid the groundwork for Tavares' genre-bending artistry, an artistry that has seemingly touched the 4 corners of the musical globe and resulted in two Grammy Awards and five nominations. As a member of BADBADNOTGOOD he released 5 studio albums, collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, Ghostface Killah, MF DOOM, Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis, co-wrote the viral hit Time Moves Slow, played in Frank Ocean's debut Coachella set and soundtracked Virgil Alboh's landmark S/S 2019 runway show for Louis Vuiton. As a producer and songwriter he has penned songs for Post Malone, Rosalia, Travis Scott, Kodak Black, Justin Beiber, Camilla Cabello, Jack Harlow and countless others. As a solo artist under the name Matty, Tavares' releases are more akin to diary entries, both in the frequency of his output and his freedom to shift musical styles depending on his mood. On his forthcoming studio album entitled POPS, Tavares has eschewed his lowkey and understated style for something truly direct and larger than life, all while maintaining the honesty and openness that has defined his past work. An immediate and unusually accessible listen for Tavares, POPS contains eleven songs that constelate around music's greatest subject, the most truly universal force in all our lives - love. Matty's upcoming album POPS cannot be understood as an entity distinct from his vast creative portfolio. It encompasses the diversity of his past work, while bringing into the forefront his penchant for musical exploration. The album weaves a tapestry of shimmering indie-rock and infectious melodies that build on the canon of popular music and take it into the modern era. Expect swirling guitars, driving beats, and Matty's signature ethereal vocals, all coalescing to create a deeply personal and emotionally resonant listening experience.


1. Around the World
2. Boyfriend
3. Fool 4 U
4. Madly
5. She's the One
6. I Love You (Yes I Do)
7. My Girl
8. Cant Get Enough of Her Love
9. Cool
10. Can You Hold Me Tight
11. Mommy

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