Gather Up (10 Years On Acid Jazz)

Vinyl 2LP

Gather Up is a career spanning collection from Matt Berry. The perfect summation of the past decade of musical adventures from an extraordinary musician, genuine musical maverick and sonic explorer. It pulls together a 21-track career spanning selection expertly curated by Berry.


  1.  Take My Hand
  2.  Something in My Eye
  3.  Medicine
  4.  Badger's Wake
  5.  World in Action
  6.  One By One
  7.  Take a Bow
  8.  October Sun
  9.  So Low
  10. Summer Sun
  11. Gather Up
  12. Theme from Snuff Box
  13. Middle of the East
  14. Like Stone
  15. Phantom Birds
  16. Music for Insomniacs Part IV
  17. Say It Again
  18. The Innkeepers Song
  19. Obsessed & So Obscure
  20. Woman
  21. Solstice