Double Vinyl

Before digging into the steely, handcrafted technoisms of Homesick, you need to know a few things about Charles Duff, the Bay Area artist behind Matrixxman. Perhaps most importantly, he is a dedicated futurist - quick to name Google's director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, as a major personal inspiration, and prone to contemplating artificial intelligence and "a true post-corporeal reality." He's also a voracious information junkie, soaking up government conspiracies and contemporary science-fiction like a proper X-Files fanatic. These cultural reference points are as integral to the background of Homesick as Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin's musical legacies. Matrixxman uses his debut album to evoke visions of a not-too-distant-future with music made both for the dancefloor and the early morning zone-outs that follow.


  1. Necronomicon 
  2. Augmented 
  3. Red Light District
  4. Packard Plant 
  5. Dejected 
  6. Network Failure 
  7. False Pattern Recognition 
  8. Opium Den 
  9. Annika's Theme 
  10. HMU (Hit Me Up) (feat. Vin Sol) 
  11. Switchblade 
  12. Earth Like Conditions