Portal Tombs


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It was obvious from the first riff on the first song from their very first album: Mass Worship were born fully-fledged, utterly unique, and magnificently destructive. Emerging from Scandinavian shadows like an unstoppable, shape-shifting bulldozer, they have swiftly become one of the most praised and talked-about bands in the metal underground.Portal Tombs is a terrifying but electrifying exploration of the gloomy depths of human nature: a monolithic manifestation of the musical force that is Mass Worship. Drawing inspiration from bands such as At The Gates, Mastodon and Meshuggah, Mass Worship could be likened to many bands, but somehow forge their musical identity into something exceptionally distinctive and transcendent, and with enough confidence and conviction to win over even the most orthodox fans of the genre.


  1. Specular Void
  2. Portal Tombs 
  3. Revel in Fear
  4. Orcus Mouth
  5. Unholy Mass
  6. Dunes of Bone 
  7. Scorched Earth 
  8. Empyrean Halls 
  9. Deliverance

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