The Off White Album (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (White Vinyl)

The title of Martin Newell’s second solo album comes from a cheeky riff on the Beatles’ White Album: if 1993’s critically-acclaimed The Greatest Living Englishman was Newell’s Sgt. Pepper’s, then it’s only right that its demure successor be called The Off White Album. There's even a little pastiche of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on “Queen Phyllis Of Colchester” - Newell led the song in with a one-finger piano motif, then asked XTC's Dave Gregory to give him his best impression of Fresh Cream-period Clapton. But that’s where the Beatles jokes end; The Off White Album stands on its own, a vivid snapshot of Newell’s life with a French chanson-inspired ease.

Sonically, the record contains a Gallic élan that distinguishes it from Newell’s prior work with the Cleaners From Venus. A longtime fan of French music, he sought the same quality on this record - with the vocal riding at the top of the mix, rather than blurred under indie rock guitars, as was common at the time. The record’s producer, él Records fixture Louis Philippe, was happy to oblige.

Track List:

  1. Call Me Michael Moonlight
  2. The World Of Dandy Leigh
  3. Arcadian Boys
  4. The Blue Beret
  5. Ursula In A Waiting Room
  6. When The Damsons Are Down
  7. Lions Drunk On Sunlight
  8. Miss Van Houten’s Coffee Shoppe
  9. She Was Never Drowning
  10. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
  11. Queen Phyllis Of Colchester
  12. Goodnight Country Girl
  13. The Girls In The Flat Upstairs