Vinyl LP

American composer and bandleader Martin Denny launched a 30 year career and entire genre of music with this album. Combining a blend of influences from Hawaiian tiki bars and international lounges, Denny's "Exotica" took the world by storm and became a #1 album. The tantalizing cover art became an industry onto itself, and it has been lovingly restored for this release. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl


  1. Quiet Village
  2.  Return to Paradise
  3.  Hong Kong Blues
  4.  Busy Port
  5.  Lotus Land
  6.  Similau
  7.  Stone God
  8.  Jungle Flower
  9.  China Nights (Shina No Yoru)
  10. Ah Me Furi
  11. Waipio
  12. Love Dance