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Vinyl LP

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With a sound perfectly described in her bio as swaying between "Laurel Canyon dust, Lynchian etherealism and dramatic Morricone scores", Italian songstress Marta Del Grandi clearly delights in the eccentric. On new album Selva, out next month on trusted indie label Fire Records, Marta's ethereal pop songs are augmented by ambient soundscapes, layered vocals, and sonic outbursts. The album, claims music and fashion magazine CLASH, "taps into areas that go beyond words". Colour us extremely curious. - Flying Out

Italian singer songwriter Marta Del Grandi returns with Selva, her most intricate and shimmering effort yet, a refined devotional suite of astute pop that flows effortlessly, uniting emotional complexity, divine organic arrangements with a sci-fi finish.

If her debut Until We Fossilize showed all the qualities of Marta’s unique approach, tip-toeing between Laurel Canyon dust, Lynchian etherealism and dramatic Morricone scores, Selva delves deeper into the undergrowth, showcasing an ambition to deliver a whole new universe, her own ecosystem, where the strength of her voice alone is the pillar to build on.

Beams of choral light radiate and permeate each track, with layered vocal drones creating a cathartic collision of sharp and soft textures, as almost to guide us hand in hand across Marta Del Grandi’s enchanted universe. The ambition is blinding and the outcome is here to prove it: 12 songs of sprawling ethereal pop that is vivid, immense and fully illuminated.


1. Mata Hari
2. Eye of the Day
3. Chameleon Eyes
4. Snapdragon
5. Marble Season
6. End of the World Pt.1
7. Two Halves
8. Polar Bear Village
9. Good Story
10. Selva
11. Stay
12. End of the World Pt.2

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