20th Century Blues: An Evening in the Weimar Republic (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

As the liner notes to this intriguing release tell, Faithfull had a long-simmering interest in German cabaret, particularly the work of Kurt Weill. It came fully to life via her role as Pirate Jenny in a staging of The Threepenny Opera in Dublin as translated by Frank McGuinness and her attendance at a workshop organized by Allen Ginsburg. After a series of initial performances with pianist Paul Trueblood, Faithfull took her revue of many classic songs from the mid-century, titled "An Evening in the Weimar Republic," to the road.

This particular recording is from a performance in Paris in 1996, showcasing both a smart selection of songs to work with and Faithfull's own dramatic, interpretive skills with them.


  1. Alabama Song
  2. Illusions 
  3. Pirate Jenny
  4. Salomon Song 
  5. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 
  6. Complainte De La Seine 
  7. The Balladd Of The Soldier's Wife
  8. Intro 
  9. Mon Ami, My Friend 
  10. Falling In Love Again
  11. Mack The Knife
  12. 20th Century Blues
  13. Don't Forget Me 
  14. Surabaya Johnny 
  15. Street Singer's Farewell