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Producer, classically trained guitarist, curator and all round multi-hyphenate, Mansur Brown returns with NAQI Mixtape, the physical release compiling two complimentary digital EPs of the same name released in 2022.

Brixton born and still living in South London, Brown’s varied approach takes in his classical guitar roots, which can be seen as the centre of his repertoire but by no means solely defined by it. Touch stones also include the honed precision of Timbaland’s early 2000s cuts, alongside the swung rhythms of Afrobeat and the smoked filled melancholia of Burial, a producer inhabiting neighbouring ends to Brown both physically and in terms of sound design.With the two EPs taking up either sides of the LP, Mansur notes Side A is club focused, made for sunnier months, taking in hard and direct percussion with a healthy dose of low-end sub. Side B sees the temperature dropping, the songs retreating for hibernation and the sound stage and pads set for lush dream sequence vibes of escapism.


  1.  No Way
  2. My Luck
  3. Fever
  4. Rise
  5. Me And You
  6. Mission
  7. Naqi
  8. Path
  9. Touch
  10. Meikai