Rush! (Are You Coming?) (Limited Pink and Red Splatter Vinyl 2LP)

Limited Pink and Red Splatter Vinyl 2LP

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Rush! (Are You Coming?) is the expanded edition of the album Rush! by Måneskin that was originally released in January of 2023.

This deluxe version contains 5 new songs not included on the original.


1. Honey (Are U Coming?)*
2. Valentine*
3. Off My Face*
4. The Driver*
5. Trastevere*
6. Own My Mind
7. Gossip feat. Tom Morello
8. Timezone
9. Bla Bla Bla 
10. Baby Said 
11. Gasoline 
12. Feel 
13. Don't Wanna Sleep 
14. Kool Kids
15. If Not For You
16. Read Your Diary
17. Mark Chapman
18. La Fine 
19. Il Dono Della Vita 
20. Mammamia 
21. Supermodel

*Bonus Tracks

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