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Run Run Run/Males Males Males - Flying Out


Run Run Run/Males Males Males

Fishrider Records

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MALESare a pop band from Dunedin. MALES play insanely catchy short songs, crammed with melody, propulsive guitar & helium vocals. It's power-pop on a sherbet-fizz diet, with serious themes.

Their debut release is called Run Run Run/Males Males Maleswhich features a brand new EP, a single So High, and their 2012 download-only self-titled debut EP.

Guitarist/ songwriter/ vocalist Richard Ley‚Hamilton writes miniature sing‚long anthems combining earworm chorus hooks with sparkling precision guitar work. Bassist Sam Valentine punctuates Males songs with propulsive, overdriven bass runs.

Is this an album, a mini Album or a double EP with an extra single? Its all these things and more.

Artist: Males
Title: Run Run Run/Males Males Males
Label: Fishrider Records
Cat #: FISH011
Format: 12" Vinyl + CD

Track List:

1.Pre Roll
2. Lucky Too
3. Madeline
4. Weakness
5. So High
6. All Up From Here
7. Over and Out
8. Marion Bates Thievery
9. Off The Floor ÔøºÔøº



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