I Want Some


A1 Blue Is Beautiful
A2 Trans-Pleasant Express
A3 Type-U-Blood
A4 We're Having A Baby
A5 This Is... Young Vulgarians
A6 R U A Believer
B1 Free Arthur Lee
B2 Untouchable Sound
B3 I Didn't Mean 2 Turn U On
B4 Wade In The Water
B5 Substance Abuse
B6 Under The Impression
B7 Have U Heard The Tapes?
C1 Pow! To The People
C2 I Want Some
C3 Walking On The Dune
C4 The Choice
C5 Born On The Floor
D1 Hey! Orpheus
D2 Grey Motorcycle
D3 Every Baby Cries The Same
D4 I Am If...
D5 Little Black Book