Deliver the Goods (Vinyl LP)

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It's been six wild and wobbly years since the honky tonk stonk Magic Factory debut Working With Gold, but the boys are back in town just in time for a good time, ready to Deliver the Goods. The wait was worth it, we gotta say, and if the first record was a ramshackle road riot, the follow-up from this 1:12 Records supergroup is an oil slick on the freeway, tightened up and deadly serious about us, you, and them rock'n'rolling as best we can - Flying Out

Like good BBQ, Magic Factory’s second album - Deliver the Goods - has taken a long while to cook. It’s been five years since their debut release, and in the time between, they've toured America, played festivals and house parties, locked down in and then lost their own Cozy Corner studio and listened to a lot of Steve Miller Band. You could call them lazy, and that wouldn't be too unkind an accusation, but the truth is they just hate to rush. Also, they hate the band Rush, apart from some choice songs on their first album.

Deliver the Goods features 12 original songs about love, loss and the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. 


  1. Butterfly Nets
  2. Too Much of Me
  3. Catfish
  4. Lords of Mercy
  5. Sorry for Your Loss
  6. Warm and Fine
  7. Deliver the Goods
  8. Closed Book
  9. Give Me A Hand
  10. The Man Won't Shake Your Hand
  11. Free Spirit
  12. Let It Flow