Doin' Things (Reissue) (Colour Vinyl LP)

Coloured Vinyl LP

Doin' Things, the second Phillips LP from Madeline Bell. On this album she was given the chance to work with a virtual who's who of British pop production and musicianship, including Arthur Greenslade, Ian Green, and Keith Mansfield, and the result is a wonderful juxtaposition of sweet and smooth arrangements topped by deeper soul vocals. Madeline shines the most on the soulful Dusty Springfield styled tracks, but there is also some great Scott Walker orchestrated styled goodness here too.

Madeline is an American singer who became a Mod icon in the UK during the 1960s, where she really flourished in a rich career of hit singles, endless session work, and later fame with the group Blue Mink.


A1. Help Yourself
A2. After All Is Said And Done
A3. Doin' Things Together With You
A4. It's Up To You 
A5. For Your Pleasure
A6. To Sir With Love 
B1. Hold It 
B2. Step Inside Love
B3. Gotta Get Away From Here 
B4. No Sun Today 
B5. Ain't Gonna Cry Any More 
B6. Finding You, Loving You