Some Other Ones

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It's a tale as old as time, brilliant young charismatic artist throws some shit at the walls to see what happens, and suddenly they've got an army of identically dressed fans, whether they want them or not. As time goes by, they do things to test the patience of those fans, like releasing a surprise instrumental album with songs seemingly named after his favourite sauces, days before his actual album is set to land. Yet, somehow even those throwaway experiments fall into cult status with said army of fans, partly due to actually being so dang good, and then years later that artist decides to reissue those BBQ songs as an album after all, pressing it to yellow vinyl and everything. Sometimes that happens, but not often. - Flying Out

In the summer of 2015, Mac DeMarco released Some Other Ones - a collection of original instrumental recordings DeMarco deemed his "BBQ soundtrack" - as a free digital download exclusively on Bandcamp. It was recorded in just 5 days at his home in Far Rockaway, Queens, about a year after the massive success of his third album, Salad Days, and just weeks before the release of mini-LP Another One.

Originally released in conjunction with a barbecue DeMarco hosted to promote Another One and collect food bank donations, Some Other Ones soon gained cult status, now regarded amongst his fans as a key entry in his beloved catalog. Now, almost 10 years later, and following the success of his recent full-length instrumental album Five Easy Hot Dogs, Some Other Ones is finally getting the full release treatment. The album will be available digitally across all streaming platforms for the first time starting November 8th, and on limited edition yellow vinyl starting December 15th. The real heads get down to Some Other Ones!


1 Little Pepper
2 Onion Man
3 Peter Pickles
4 Don Juan
5 Young Coconut
6 Hachiko
7 Fish Terry
8 Hoso Boyo
9 Special K