Transistor Radio (2014 Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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M. Ward describes Transistor Radio as a collection of songs about childhood memories of a utopian radio power... and dedicates the album to the last of the remaining independent radio stations. Ward's distinctly weathered voice and intricate guitar playing are helped along with an impressive group of guests including Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), and Jordan Hudson (The Thermals). 180-gram vinyl with four additional tracks, as the December installment in the Merge25 reissue series.


Side A
1. You Still Believe In Me
2. One Life Away
3. Sweethearts On Parade
4. Hi-Fi
5. Fuel For Fire
6. Four Hours In Washington
7. Regeneration No. 1
8. Big Boat

Side B
1. Paul's Song
2. Radio Campaign
3. Here Comes The Sun Again
4. Deep Dark Well
5. Oh Take Me Back
6. I'll Be Yr Bird
7. Lullaby + Exile
8. Well-Tempered Clavier

1. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere
2. Lullaby + Exile (Live)
3. Here Comes The Sun Again (Four-Track)
4. Paul's Song (Instrumental)

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