The Lay Of The Land




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With a reputation for writing bare-boned, heart-on-your sleeve songs, THE LAY OF THE LAND follows Cole's aforementioned, critically acclaimed debut ME & MOON and showcases an artist with the maturity only battle scars can provide. It sees Cole exploring the full sonic spectrum, from hushed organic vulnerability to washes of digital swells.

"THE LAY OF THE LAND does see a subtle shift in her writing and the sonic palette that long-time friend and producer Nic Manders offers her. The songs remain intensely personal and sometimes her chord progressions are elegantly simple but on a song like ‘Time Is A Healer' Manders also provides a bed of backwards guitars, which lifts it to another dimension" Graham Reid, Elsewhere


  1. Dream 
  2. The Fool That I Am 
  3. Telepathise
  4. Time is a Healer 
  5. Sober 
  6. The Bell of Love 
  7. Glimpse
  8. Brave 
  9. The Lay of the Land