A Sentimental Education

Double Feature

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Luna, "the greatest band you've never heard of," was formed in 1991 by Dean Wareham after the breakup of Galaxie 500, with Stanley Demeski of The Feelies and Justin Harwood of The Chills. Guitarist Sean Eden joined in 1994, Lee Wall replaced Demeski on drums in 1997, and Britta Phillips replaced Harwood on bass in 2000. Luna released their last album, Rendezvous, in 2005. In 2015, Luna re-united for a world tour after a 10 year absence. 


  1. A Sentimential Education - Fire in Cairo
  2. Gin
  3. Friends
  4. One Together
  5. Most of the Time
  6. Sweetness
  7. Letter to Hermione
  8. (Walking Thru' the) Sleepy City
  9. Let Me Dream If I Want to
  10. Car Wash Hair
  11. A Place of Greater Safety - GTX3
  12. A Place of Greater Safety
  13. Captain Pentagon
  14. Around and Around
  15. Ides of March of the Trolls
  16. Spanish Odyssey