The Sand That Ate The Sea

Vinyl LP (Clear)

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Fittingly for a work created in such an inspiring, collaborative atmosphere The Sand That Ate The Sea covers much ground musically, ranging from long atmospheres to short breaths; soothing choir vocals to more urgent ambiences, yet Howard’s vision ensures a strong coherency underpins the record.


1. Lake Torrens [ft. Shards]
2. Salt Flats [ft. Lior, Shards]
3. Desert Diggings [ft. Leonard Grigoryan]
4. Alien Moonscape
5. Storm [ft. Leonard Grigoryan]
6. All Around Us Is Dirt
7. Light Ascending [ft. Shards]
8. Spare
9. Dinner Dance [ft. Lior]
10. Dream (Light) [ft. Lior, Erkki Veltheim]
11. Andamooka Station
12. Rain
13. Casino
14. White Dam [ft. Shards]
15. Future Coda [ft. Lior, Shards, Erkki Veltheim]

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