Vinyl LP

Available on vinyl LP.

Named after a Melbourne suburb, Lower Plenty are comprised of some of the city’s most talented musicians. The quartet of Daniel Twomey (percussion), Jensen Tjhung (guitar + vocal), Sarah Heyward (percussion + vocal) and Al Montfort (guitar + vocal) hail from various other bands such as Deaf Wish, Total Control, UV Race and The Focus. A departure from the harsher sounds of their other projects, Lower Plenty create beautifully melancholy, suburban-country music that’s made (and often performed) while sitting around the kitchen table.

This, their third full-length record, is an amalgamation of recordings and captured moments from 2012 through to 2013, all pieced together by the band, stitched like a quilt to form the beautiful whole. It’s a collection, an arrangement, an exploration by the band into their own process and interaction with each other, slowly assembled to allow others an insight into their world.

A beautiful record and one that couldn’t come at a better time for Lower Plenty, Life/Thrills moves beyond a retrospective into a powerful statement about the possibilities in store for this band.


A1 Waiting On A Tram 
A2 Calculations 
A3 Life/Thrills 
A4 Took A Trip 
A5 Concrete Floor 
B1 On The Beach 
B2 Jealous 
B3 Go Down 
B4 You Pushed Me 
B5 Lots Of Lows

RIYL: Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins