Vinyl LP

A futurism-focused offering to her Filipino ancestors, 'AKASHAALAY' is the jaw-dropping full-length debut LP by the singularly unique artist, Low Leaf. A classically trained pianist, turned innovative harp player, singer and producer – Low Leaf is in full control here as she takes us on a journey through everything from tribal warrior chants to piano-driven power pop, and then flurried electronic astral plane travel music to acoustic atmospheric soul. It's truly a magical experience that you really have to hear (in full) to believe.As this was Fresh Selects’ first ever release on vinyl, back in 2014 – the label left no detail unconsidered, springing for a UV spot-gloss cover, full-color printed inner-sleeves, ambient lock-in run-out grooves for infinite play on both sides of the record, and even a hidden message-embedded, reverse under-jacket.


1 Umaga
2 Rise Up
3 Set Me Free
4 Bahay Kubo
5 As One
6 Slaveless Master
7 Ascension
8 2B1WD Eternal
9 Kami Ang Mga Tao
10 Life Is Peace