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Rock 'n' Roll Animal - Flying Out


Rock 'n' Roll Animal


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‚‚In 1974, after the commercial disaster of his album Berlin, Lou Reed needed a hit, and Rock N Roll Animal was a rare display of commercial acumen on his part, just the right album at just the right time. Recorded in concert with Reed's crack road band at the peak of their form, Rock N Roll Animal offered a set of his most anthemic songs (most dating from his days with the Velvet Underground) in arrangements that presented his lean, effective melodies and street-level lyrics in their most user-friendly form (or at least as user friendly as an album with a song called "Heroin" can get). Early-'70s arena rock bombast is often the order of the day, but guitarists Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter use their six-string muscle to lift these songs up, not weigh them down, and with Reed's passionate but controlled vocals riding over the top, "Sweet Jane," "White Light/White Heat," and "Rock 'n' Roll" finally sound like the radio hits they always should have been. All Music Guide

Artist: Lou Reed
Title: Rock N Roll Animal
Label: RCA
Cat #: 88691958021
Year: 1974
Format: LP


  1. Intro/Sweet Jane
  2. Herion
  3. White Light/White Heat
  4. Lady Day
  5. Rock 'n' Roll

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