Emoh (Reissue)

Double Vinyl

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The first album Lou Barlow released under his own name celebrates its 15th anniversary with a double LP reissue.
Housed in printed paper sleeves inside a gatefold jacket with lyrics. Includes full album download plus 8 digital bonus tracks of demos from the era.

"Emoh was released in January 2005, within a day or two of my first child being born. I put my real name on it, and it felt like the beginning of a new, more confident era. At the same time, I was asked to rejoin Dinosaur Jr, and instead of spending the next year or so touring in support of Emoh, I started a Dinosaur Jr reunion that continues to this day. It was a bittersweet decision because the LP was warmly received and seemed to point to a self-reliant future.

Emoh is primarily an acoustic LP with live performances at its core (with many not-live embellishments), and that was a personal achievement for me. I'm still very pleased with it. Though my follow-up, Goodnight Unknown, went back inward and is, lyrically, more evasive, with Emoh I realigned myself with my craft. To describe what I do as a "craft" was something I was too self-conscious to do before that. I had embraced songwriting in a high-profile way and made myself solely responsible for the results. The fact that it coincided with becoming a father for the first time makes it a time marker and game changer that has been invaluable to me, serving to keep me focused and on track personally and creatively ever since." - Lou Barlow

Track List:
1. Holding Back the Year
2. Home
3. Caterpillar Girl
5. Royalty
6. Puzzle
7. If I Could
8. Monkey Begun
9. Morning’s After Me
10. Round-N-Round
11. Mary
12. Confused
13. Imagined Life
14. The Ballad of Daykitty

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