Vinyl LP

PARA is Lord RAJA's second full-length and the first that fully captures his vision for his music. "This is probably my most successful attempt at making a consistent work," he says. "I was really conscious about making a record that wouldn't alienate people." Which doesn't mean he cut back on experimentation. If anything, PARA is his most adventurous work to date. Every song makes use of RAJA's Lexicon PCM 90 and an Eventide H3000 that he modified himself to get the effects he heard in his head. RAJA used these processors as instruments, creating customized reverb and textures to suit each song. "The title, PARA is an open-ended 'For,'" RAJA explains. "It could be 'For You,' it could be 'For' something you're doing. Ultimately, it's for whatever you want it to be for." PARA retains that flexibility and fluidity, while staying true to the person who made it. "I feel like I was very prepared to make this album," RAJA says. "I wanted to include everyone, and say 'This is my voice.'" On PARA, that voice comes through loud and clear.


  1. Stars (Intro)
  2. Zerulean
  3. Butterfly on a Jet
  4. Sheep
  5. Broken Computer
  6. H3000
  7. Stoked Tourist
  8. Koi Fish
  9. Renaissance Endo
  10. Shook
  11. Footwork
  12. Flying Towards the Ground